2018 Artists

Guitar accompanying workshop Violin workshop Artists, storytellers, callers…


Hosted by Kevin Burke and Alexis Chartrand
The workshop consists of more than 8 hours over 2 days. It includes sessions for intermediate and advanced players. Exploring various violin repertoire and techniques of traditional music, participants of both levels will have instruction directed by the two teachers.

Kevin Burke

For the 5th edition of the Festival, Kevin Burke will be our special guest, not only as a performer, but also as an instructor for the 2 day intensive workshops. For more than 4 decades, Kevin has been a preeminent figure in traditional Irish and Celtic music, first with the famous Bothy Band in the 70’s, then with 2 other prestigious groups: Patrick Street and Celtic Fiddle Festival. He has also played with many well-known Irish musicians such as Christy Moore, Andy Irvine and Paul Brady.
In 2002, he was awarded the National Heritage Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts, the highest distinction in the USA for the traditional folk arts. More recently, in 2016, he was recognized as “Gradam Ceoil” (musician of the year) in the traditional music gala broadcasted by the Irish TV channel TG4.
Kevin has taught Irish fiddle on innumerable occasions and has released numerous clips on specific techniques for mastering the Irish fiddle.

Alexis Chartrand

Alexis Chartrand showed early interest in teaching music by setting up music writing workshops in his secondary school and by occasionally replacing Pascal Gemme as instructor at L’École des Arts de la Veillée. Alexis is now on staff at this school. He has taught the Québec repertoire at the Boxwood Festival (Lunenberg, Nova Scotia 2014), at CAMMAC (QC 2017), and given a master class at Carleton University (Ottawa 2017). His interest in classical, baroque and contemporary music allows him to develop a comparative approach that highlights specific techniques for traditional fiddling. He focuses on the relationship between music and dance, on ornamentation and on exploring the possibilities of rearranging and improvising on traditional tunes. Alexis is not content merely to pass along tunes; he works also to improve on some well-known traditional tunes.


Hosted by Peter Senn
The workshop consists of 8 hours over 2 days It will explore the myriad possibilities of the instrument, for beginner to more experienced guitarists. The focus will be on the art of accompanying acoustic traditional music. Starting by listening to others, and performing in improvised sessions, to the identification of chords, basic modes and rhythms, finishing with the exploration of different styles and techniques. All this in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Other stringed instruments are welcome as well (bouzouki, mandolin, banjo, ukulele etc.).

Peter Senn Peter Senn has taught guitar DADGAD tuning to intermediate and advanced students for many years at L’École des Arts de la Veillée. He started as a folk singer in Toronto, but rapidly switched to traditional Irish music. Peter was introduced to DADGAD tuning by his mentor Peter McAvana. His other guitar influences include André Marchand, Paul Marchand, Éric Beaudry, Michael O’Domnhaill, Arty McGlynn, Paul Brady and John Doyle. After touring in Europe with an Irish group, Peter came back to Québec for good where he quickly acquired a solid reputation as a guitar player of Irish, Scottish and Québec music. Peter will be teaching DADGAD and will be joined by Thomas de Grosbois as a melodist on the banjo.


Fru Skagerrak

This group, composed of three violinists from Denmark, Sweden and Norway: Anna Lindblad, Elise Wessel Hildrum and Maja Kjaer Jacobsen, is not on their first visit to Quebec. “The three sing, play the violin according to their traditions and adapt to those of the two others. Anna adds the five-string violin and Elise, the flute. Together, they explore, in unison or harmonies, the Swedish polska, the Danish polka, the Norwegian springleik and some waltzes. The repertoire is simple and beautifully uncomplicated, sometimes rhythmic without being frenzied, or sad with many breaths and a charming, more intimate sweetness.”

Yves Bernard, Le Devoir, July 29, 2016

Véronique Plasse & Andrea Beaton
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Pete’s Posse (Pete Sutherland, Oliver Scanlon, Tristan Henderson)
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Zigue (Claude Méthé & Dana Whittle)
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É.T.É (Élisabeth Moquin, Thierry Clouette, Élisabeth Giroux)

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Anit Ghosh & Andrew Wells-ObereggerMore information coming soon

Monique JutrasMore information coming soon
Donald Dubuc
Donald is a well-respected dance caller and storyteller in the Eastern Townships. He conveys a rich repertoire of tales and dances from here and elsewhere in a festive and family atmosphere.
Rhizome (Anne-Marie Leclerc, Louis Charbonneau, Benjamin Tremblay-Carpentier)
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Catherine Planet
Host and storyteller at the Children’s Festival, Catherine will also direct the Musical Chairs activity this year. With a solid training in classical music and jazz, she became smitten by improvisation, traditional, and Cajun music. She founded the Rose Vagabond group and hosts the Chasse-Balcon (winner of the VIVA Desjardins 2016 competition). She is a past recipient of the AUDACE award in composition.
Sandrine Zuyderhoff
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Young Tradition Vermont
Vermont is home to a wide range of traditional music and dance, a tapestry of people from other places, many who brought their traditions with them. The state’s culture has consistently inspired singers, instrumentalists and dancers, and is deservedly identified for the creativity and contributions of its artists. Young Tradition Vermont is an organization with its primary focus on young people, traditional music and dance, and a commitment to ensure what is offered is available at low or no cost. The group inspires young people with traditional music and dance, ensure opportunities for them to learn and have performing opportunities.