2018 Artists

Guitar accompanying workshop Violin workshop Artists, storytellers, callers…


Hosted by Kevin Burke and Alexis Chartrand
The workshop consists of more than 8 hours over 2 days. It includes sessions for intermediate and advanced players. Exploring various violin repertoire and techniques of traditional music, participants of both levels will have instruction directed by the two teachers.

Kevin Burke

For close to 4 decades, Kevin has been a preeminent figure in traditional Irish and Celtic music. Awarded numerous prestigious distinctions, Kevin has taught Irish fiddle on innumerable occasions and has released numerous clips on specific techniques for mastering the Irish fiddle.

Alexis Chartrand

Alexis has taught Québec fiddle on numerous occasions in Canada and in Europe. He is known for his mastery in transforming traditional tunes. He will not be content simply to transmit tunes, but will also work to improve some of them. 


Hosted by Peter Senn
The workshop consists of 8 hours over 2 days It will explore the myriad possibilities of the instrument, for beginner to more experienced guitarists. The focus will be on the art of accompanying acoustic traditional music. Starting by listening to others, and performing in improvised sessions, to the identification of chords, basic modes and rhythms, finishing with the exploration of different styles and techniques. All this in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Other stringed instruments are welcome as well (bouzouki, mandolin, banjo, ukulele etc.).

Peter Senn A master of guitar accompaniment in DADGAG, Peter has been teaching for years at the “École des arts de la Veillée”. He is an accomplished accompanist, skilled in Irish, Scottish and Québec music. He will be assisted by melodist Thomas de Grosbois.


Alex Kehler & Willy leMaistre

These two members of the Soulwood have also played with many traditional music and jazz bands. Alex will play the fiddle and the Swedish nickelharpa with traditional tunes from here and Scandinavia. Willy will accompany on guitar, bouzouki and banjo.

Véronique Plasse & Andrea Beaton

United by the force of their melodic and dancing fiddling, Andrea Beaton (one of Cape Breton’s most famous violinists) and Véronique Plasse (well known in the Québec fiddle scene, Barbo, Tradorchestre…) propose an exchange of violin pieces. They navigate a repertoire of traditional pieces from Québec and Cape Breton, and original creations.


Pete’s Posse (Pete Sutherland, Oliver Scanlon, Tristan Henderson)
The famous Pete Sutherland and  young talents Oliver Scanlon and Tristan Henderson offer vibrant music made of old songs and dynamic new tunes. On tour in North America for the last couple years with violins, mandolin, banjo, keyboard… In addition to two concerts, the trio will play for a dance and participate in thematic shows.
Zigue (Claude Méthé & Dana Whittle)

Dynamic singers and prolific composers, Claude Méthé and Dana Whittle have performed their music across Canada, the United States and abroad. Claude’s pure Québec bow is complemented by Dana’s rhythmic sensitivity and sparkling voice.

É.T.É (Élisabeth Moquin, Thierry Clouette, Élisabeth Giroux)

Winner of the 2017 Grand Prix Desjardins de Lanaudière, this trio (Élisabeth Girouxcello, Élisabeth Moquinfiddle and Thierry Clouetteguitar) is the revelation of the year on the traditional scene.  A new sound combining softness and vigor.  A discovery! And we must ask Elisabeth Moquin to offer us some jigs!

Anit Ghosh & Andrew Wells-ObereggerIndo-Québécois violinist and string instrument lover Anit Ghosh is very active in Montreal’s world music scene. Fascinated by how the violin has been adapted to different cultures, he has studied Eastern European, Turkish, Arabic, Latin American and Indian styles.  Anit has performed on many continents and participated in more than 20 CDs!

Multi-instrumentalist, Andrew is also composer and arranger. His interest in ancient instruments and world music led him to learn the oud, the bagpipe, the saz (a long-handled lute), the mandolin, the bouzouki, the santoor (a Persian stringed instrument), singing, various flutes and three unusual percussions: the daff, the req and the Italian tamburello. We can listen to the multi-instrumentalist on more than 20 albums.

Monique JutrasActive on the traditional song scene for more than 25 years with her particular art of the “turlutte” (hummed tunes) and the songs of La Bolduc, Monique will get her little jigger moving. She will be accompanied by Thomas de Grosbois’s banjo, Peter Senn’s guitar and Andrew Roblin’s hammered dulcimer and mandolin. A nice party!
Donald Dubuc
Donald is a reputable caller and storyteller from the Eastern Townships. Donald transmits a rich repertoire of tales and dances from here and elsewhere in a festive and family atmosphere. He will tell stories and call a dance and assist at the Kids’ Festival.
Rhizome (Anne-Marie Leclerc, Louis Charbonneau, Benjamin Tremblay-Carpentier)

As a project of original compositions by Louis Charbonneau and Anne-Marie Leclerc, Rhizome is inspired by traditional music while being well anchored in the current era. With their classical and jazz musical background, as well as their experience in traditional music, they offer works that unite tradition and modernity.

Catherine Planet

With a solid classical and jazz background, Catherine is passionate about improvisation, traditional, Old-Time and Cajun. For the past 3 years, she has animated the “Chasse-Balcon”. Animator of the Kids’ Festival and Musical Chairs, her violin will sound during a dance and a thematic show.

Sandrine Zuyderhoff

Violinist and music therapist, Sandrine has animated hundreds of children’s violin workshops over the past few years.  She will lead the Kids’ Festival violin workshop.

Young Tradition Vermont
In tribute to this extraordinary organization dedicated to the awareness and training of young musicians, these young people who perpetuate the rich musical tradition of their elders. They will be accompanied by Andrea Beaton and Pete’s Posse.
Duo Alexis Chartrand & Nicolas Babineau

Such maturity in these two young virtuosos! Their recent CD reveals a personal interpretation combining softness and creativity; it allows us to rediscover well known traditional tunes in a new light.

Thomas de Grosbois

Thomas teaches banjo at the “École des Arts de la Veillée” and animates many sessions. Mastering a vast Québec and Irish repertoire, he will be active as a session leader and as part of the “Orchestre Ambulant”.  He will lead the thematic show “Les Cordes Pincées” and accompany Monique Jutras.


James Allen

James, a caller with Scottish and Irish roots, comes from a strong community of traditional music. Started playing and calling for community dances and events at 11. James has toured in Canada, Europe, Mexico, USA and South America. In 2017, he won the “Scotsman of the Year” from the St. Andrew’s Society.