2019 Artists

Martin Aucoin & Capucine Maldague

Martin, one of our intensive workshop trainers, forms with his partner Capucine, a duo that presents traditional music with two fiddles, two voices and two feet. Their union is reflected in a unique blend of melodies and songs from Quebec and Acadia. A soft and sensitive music, but beware: may contain traces of other instruments! The duo will perform in the Grand Concert.

Beata Bermuda: Linnea Campbell Aal, Hanna Andersson & Samantha Ohlanders

These three violinists brought a breath of fresh air to the Swedish scene. Their exuberant performances have been well received in Europe and the USA. Their compositions for violins, voices and chimes with Scandinavian accents and a touch of indie-pop, give Beata Bermuda an original voice, a voice that speaks of feminism and tolerance. They will perform in the concert-dinner at La Brouërie, the Grand Concert and the Closing Concert, in addition to giving a master class.

Léandre Chênevert

Showcase for the youngs!  Léandre is 9 years old and started playing the violin at the age of 5. In addition to his classical training, he is passionate about the traditional Quebec, Irish and Scottish violin. Léandre performance will be followed by The Young Vermont Tradition showcase.

Donald Dubuc

Donald is a reputable caller and storyteller from the Eastern Townships. He transmits a rich repertoire of stories and dances from here and elsewhere in a festive and family atmosphere. He will tell stories and call at the Saturday dance and the at the Kid’s Festival.

Richard Forest & Thomas de Grosbois

Richard, a prolific composer who masters a vast repertoire acquired throughout his great career as a fiddler, will play a duo with Thomas, a banjo specialist who has been teaching at the École des Arts de la Veillée for a few years. Together, they’ll perform lively traditional music that honors its roots while renewing itself. Thomas and Richard will play in the Opening Concert. Thomas will also be performing at the Thursday’s Pre-Festival Concert and animating the Orchestre Ambulant.

Robert Goulet

Originally from the Eastern Townships, he was a member of the Les Cantonniers de Sherbrooke folk dance troupe from 1975 to 1980. He participated in a project to collect and broadcast traditional dances in his region. Organizer and caller at the Veillées folkloriques des Cantons in Sherbrooke for 15 years, he will call the Friday night dance.

Sylvie Ladouceur

Born in Montreal, Sylvie has been involved in Quebec traditional music for almost 20 years. Through the traditional dances and contras, street parties and musical sessions, she loves to transmit and share our precious repertoire and her contagious passion! Sylvie will play during the 2 dances of the Kid’s Festival in addition to animating the late-night sessions and the Orchestre Ambulant.

La Suite : Marie-Pierre Lecault & Robin Boulianne

A result of two regards on the universe of the violin. They play instrumental compositions and arrangements inspired by traditional, classical and modern music, uniting the influence of our individual and common paths. Leaving room for improvisation and thus allowing the momentary exploration of playing harmonies, they perceive the need for the expression of one fiddler completing the other. It is by exchanging violin and viola that their many ideas have the chance to be explored and deepened. They will perform in the Opening Concert and Sunday Morning Concert. Marie-Pierre will also give a master class.

Gabrielle Létourneau

Originally from the Montérégie region, Gabrielle juggles between traditional music (Quebec, Celtic, American and Scandinavian), jazz and composition, resulting in a rich and varied repertoire. A true jack-of-all-trade and passionate about music, she divides her time between creation, teaching, learning various instruments and conducting sessions in Montreal. Gabrielle will lead the Orchestre Ambulant and the late-night sessions as well as preforming in the Thursday’s Pre Festival Concert.

Elizabeth Moquin & Samuel Royer-Legault

Through their encounter in a heritage and historical environment, Elizabeth (member of the É.T.É. group) & Samuel discovered musical affinities in their play and repertoire. The pieces and songs they offer you may be familiar. Their goal, however, is to give you their pleasure to play and arrange, in a more current way, the pieces they like. They will perform in the Grand Concert and in the Closing Concert. Elizabeth will also give a master class.

Nomanka: Anith Ghosh                  & Karine Paquette

An accordion, a violin, songs and the taste of travel. The duo Nomanka will take you on a nomadic adventure through Eastern Europe, the Orient and Quebec. Indo-Quebec violinist and a passionate of string instruments, Anit (more than 20 CDs!) has toured the world music scenes in Europe, Africa and America. He studied, among others, the styles of Eastern Europe, Turkey, the Arab world and India. Nomanka will perform in the Grand Concert and in the Closing Concert.

Lisa Ornstein & André Marchand

Two of our intensive workshop instructors, Lisa on violin and André on accompaniment will perform as a duo. Lisa and André are members of the group Le Bruit Court Dans la Ville. Lisa plays and teaches internationally Scottish and Quebec violin and has a dozen CDs to her credit. She completed a doctorate in Quebec traditional music and received the prestigious Governor General’s Gold Medal. André (25 CDs !!!) is a figurehead of traditional music. Founding member of the Bottine Souriante and Charbonniers de l’Enfer he still charms us with his voice and his musicality. The duo will perform in the Opening Concert.

Romy & Ben Munkres

Young Tradition Vermont 2018 Award winners, Romy (violin, flute and feet) and Ben Munkres (piano, accordion, mandolin) play tunes from various traditions of violin and dance, including Scottish, Swedish, Quebec, Irish, Appalachian and Cape Breton. The program will also include contemporary violin music, including some tunes they have composed. They will perform at the Saturday Day Concert.

Catherine Planet

With a solid classical and jazz background, Catherine is passionate about improvisation, trad, Oldtime and Cajun. She animated for 4 years the Chasse-Balcon. She will be the animator in charge of the Kid’s Festival.

Marco Roy

Marco comes from Montreal with a rich experience as a guitar accompanist. Specialist of the DADGAD tuning, he learned et  the École des Arts de la Veillée. For several years, he has been very active with EspaceTrad as accompanist for dances and session leader.

He will be part of the Orchestre Ambulant, will animate the Friday evening session and play for the Saturday evening dance as well as for the 2 dances of the Kid’s Festival.

Soulwood: Alex Kehler, Daniel Haché, Willy LeMaistre

Soulwood is an acoustic voyage exploring the sounds of wooden instruments that ring out traditional melodies of Celtic origin, from the Cajun bayous all the way up to the Acadian dyke lands of the Maritimes. From the mountains of the Eastern Townships, this trio has built a bilingual repertoire that reflects their beautiful region. Their arrangements and compositions feature Appalachian old-time groove, spicy Cajun bayou, Québecois swing, melancholic Acadian airs, and dance driven Scandinavian melodies.

Triton: Alex Kehler, Jeremiah McLane & Timothy Cummings

Triton is Jeremiah McLane (accordion, keyboard), Tim Cummings (whistles, border & small pipes) and Alex Kehler (fiddle, nykelharpa, vocals). From Vermont and Québec, they play a beguiling and orchestral blend of music rooted in the traditional dance repertoire of Northwestern Europe. In addition to songs in French, their repertoire includes bourrées from central France, triple-time hornpipes from the Scottish Borders, the Swedish slängpolska, the Breton hanter dro, and compelling originals reflecting these influences. Unified by their zeal and musical craftsmanship, their performances are also punctuated with engaging commentary on the music and instruments. They will perform in the Opening Concert

Vent dans ma Voile: Joseph D’Arcy & Timi Turmel

This traditional music duo from the Canton of Orford offers instrumental music from Quebec, Ireland and Cape Breton with a local flavor. They feature Joseph’s violin playing strathspeys and marchs, accompanied on piano by Timi. The Timi accordion, with its breathtaking play of reels and gigues, will also enliven Friday’s dance. Do not miss this duo at the Saturday Day Concert!

Young Tradition Vermont

In tribute to this extraordinary organization dedicated to the awareness and training of young musicians, a breath of fresh air of these young people who perpetuate the rich musical tradition of their elders. They will be joined by Peter Sutherland and Olivier Scanlon from PETE’S POSSE and Jeremiah McLane from TRITON. YTV will open the Closing Concert.

Sandrine Zuyderhoff

As a violinist and music therapist, Sandrine has conducted hundreds of children’s violin workshops for several years. She will lead the violin workshops of the Kid’s Festival.