Festival Organisation

Organising the last Festivals was exhilarating. Our reward: the pleasure of participants to listen and play this beautiful music, the extraordinary and relaxed atmosphere at the various sites. We are excited and optimistic for the next edition.

Our mission: to discover the richness of this music so alive and to allow amateur and professional musicians to meet and play together.

All members of the board of directors and the organizing committee are volunteers and we want to make this music accessible to all by keeping a large place for free shows and music sessions on many stages.

2017 Commitee

Coordination: Céline Brault
Artistic Commitee: Jean de Grosbois, Pascal Gemme & Alex Kehler
Finances & Ticketing: Francine Maheux
Welcome & Membership: Gilles Lavoie
Equipments & Site Development: André Forest
Dances: Marie-Soliel Pilette
Volunteers: Denyse Vallières
Display : Catherine Hurtubise
Sale of artists’ discs: Tim Griss

Thanks for their devoted involvement and to the many volunteers without witch the event would not be possible. Become a volunteer, contact us!