Festival Organisation

All members of the board of directors and the organizing committee are volunteers and we want to make this music accessible to all by keeping a large place for free shows and music sessions on many stages.

Photo : Thomas de Grosbois, president and musician

2019 Commitee

Thomas de Grosbois, president
Nathalie Loiselle, vice-president
Marie Champoux, secretary
Jean de Grosbois, tresurer
Normand Goulet, administrator
Michel Cameron, administrator

Artistic Commitee

Jean de Grosbois, art director
Alex Kehler, musician
Gabrielle Létourneau, musician
Thomas de Grosbois, musician


Valérie Burnet, production manager


Richard Leclerc, editor
Manon Gélinas, Web site

Thanks for their devoted involvement and to the many volunteers without witch the event would not be possible. Become a volunteer, contact us!