Summary of 2016

Even if a terrible rain caused the collapse of our major inflated structure, all shows were relocated and we had a record attendance for our indoor concerts!

Also the intensive workshops and the master classes had record numbers of participants. We had a big increase of visitors from various parts of Québec, Ontario, New-Brunswick and 6 states from the USA.


The activities of the 2016 Festival took place over a period of 65 hrs on 12 sites in the village including:

Free indoor concerts (Villa des Monts, Salle AGP (2 concerts), Baptiste Church) (10hrs)
Other indoor concerts: 3 concerts in the Salle AGP, 2 traditional dances in the Legion, the Grand Concert in the St-André  Church(18hrs)
Free “Festiconte” (stories) at the Museum (3hrs)
Free Kid’s Festival gratuit (Baptiste Church) 4hrs
Free Open Mike (Église Baptiste) (3hrs)
6 musical jams (Salle AGP, Parc des Vétérans) (12hrs)
Intensive Workshops and Master Classes (Salle AGP, Église Baptiste, Musée) (11hrs)
5 musical animations in the village with the Tradorchestre (Marché aux Puces, Le Cafetier, La Rumeur Affamée, La Brouerie, À L’Abordage) (4hrs)

15 exhibitors offering local products and handicraft in a mini-village in the Veterans Park.  Also in the park: Food (local products, vegetarian menus…) and drinks from 4 local microbreweries (Dunham, Farnham, La Brouerie and À l’Abordage)

28 artists from Québec,  New-Brunswick and Louisiana.