2019 Intensive Workshops for 2 days

Three intensive workshops are offered on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th August:

  • Intermediate violin
  • Advanced violin
  • Guitar Accompaniment

Workshops begin at 1 pm on Thursday and end at 5 pm on Friday. Registration includes access to the Opening Concert and the Friday night session. Each workshop includes 7 hours of training, completed on Thursday evening with a pre-festival concert given by the trainers followed by a late-night session. Each violin trainer will give workshops at both levels; participants are free to move from one workshop to another. Teaching materials will be added to this section by the trainers. This material may include the following information:

  • Information on game techniques (bow, ornaments, …)
  • Airs that will be used and / or taught
  • Types of guitar tuning (standard, DADGAD, Drop-D, etc.)

Lisa Ornstein • lisaornstein.com

Fiddle virtuoso Lisa Ornstein is an outstanding interpreter of the traditional music of French Canada and Appalachia, blending compelling and inventive playing with impeccable tune choice. Befriended by North Carolina fiddle legend Tommy Jarrell while she was in her teens, Lisa quickly became an accomplished fiddler in the Round Peak style. A musical friendship with Franco-American fiddler Louis Beaudoin set her on a path to Quebec in 1978. When La Bottine Souriante — Quebec’s internationally renowned traditional supergroup — invited her to join the band, Lisa’s projected six-month stay began to stretch, eventually lasting twelve years. While in Quebec, Lisa spent countless hours visiting with older musicians and playing in kitchens and dance halls. She also squeezed in a master’s in folklore on the life and music of master fiddler Louis “Pitou” Boudreault. She has taught, concertized, and toured extensively in North America and Europe with some of Quebec’s finest musicians, and recorded for both Smithsonian Folkways and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Her music appears on a number of La Bottine’s albums, and on critically acclaimed CDs with former bandmates André Marchand and Normand Miron.

Martin Aucoin

Of Acadian descent and born in a family of traditional musicians, Martin plays violin, guitar and practices “podorythmie” (queer typical Quebec science) since adolescence. He plays with La Chick-à-Dée, The Two Clubs, The Aucoin Family and Les Promeneux. He is the co-founder of Maréemusique, an organization promoting Quebec traditional music at the Jam Trad of Lévis and Les Veillées de Bellechasse. He will transmit part of his rich traditional Acadian and Québécois repertoire.

André Marchand

A figurehead in Quebec’s Trad scene with no less than 26 CDs, André’s career is filled with artistic projects that have marked the history of traditional music over the last 40 years. Guitarist, singer and composer, he started as co-founder of La Bottine Souriante. From 1976 to 1990, he toured Quebec, Acadia, Canada, the United States and several European countries and participated in the recording of the first six records of La Bottine. Singer with a deep and warm voice, André is a character with a quick wit and the overflowing humor. His unique style of guitar accompaniment, all in nuance and finesse, influenced several generations of guitarists of the Trad Québécois milieu.

Registration costs are:

The number of registrations may be limited to ensure that each participant gets particular attention. If room is available, you will be able to register for a single workshop day starting July 1st. Welcome!