Become a volunteer

The work of the volunteers is essential to the success of the Festival. Volunteers play a leading role in providing all the services offered to the Festival’s clientele. Anyone who has already tried the experience can testify to the pleasure and the feeling of solidarity that flow from this unique adventure. More specifically, we are looking for volunteers willing to help us organize the Festival in the following areas:

  • Lunch canteen
  • Canteen
  • Ticketing
  • Display

 The time required to participate in the organization varies from 2 to 5hrs before the Festival, as well as one or two blocks of 4hrs during the Festival.

 For volunteers at the Festival, a minimum of two (2) blocks of four (4) hours is required; these blocks can be glued or separated. Thus, you will benefit from several advantages during this musical weekend:

– Full passport
– Two (2) drinks
– Free access to the campsite

 For more information,  CONTACT US.