Andrea Beaton & Kevin Burke

The flyer and the schedule are now available.

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Our festival, dedicated to the violin repertoire of Quebec as well as national and international styles, takes place in the center of our magnificent village. Sutton is ranked among the 10 best tourist destinations in Quebec.
Yves Bernard of the newspaper “Le Devoir” ranked it among the four principle folklore festivals in Quebec in 2016!


The 2018 edition

  • 10 hours of workshop, showcase evening concerts under the tent, morning concerts for early birds, traditional dances, a children’s festival, musical chairs and master classes.
  • A new presentation this year will be our thematic concerts: dance, accordion, plucked strings and festival violins
  • On the 18th and 19th of August, Veteran’s park will come alive with traditional music, local caterers, a craftsmen’s village and local artisan breweries, all waiting to tap feet to the beat with you.
  • Don’t miss the furious sessions of music to end the evenings and musicians performing around the village

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